CSC2210 - Computer Architecture (Fall 2016)

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Course Information

Code CSC2210
Name Computer Architecture
Credit(s) 3
Prerequisites CSC111 - Introduction to Computer Science I
Offered Every even numbered fall
Catalog Description Introduction to computer organization and architecture. Hardware components, representation of data, digital logic, machine languages, and microprogramming.
Syllabus Fall 2016 Syllabus
Other Offerings Architecture/offerings

Textbooks and Materials

Altair Information

TI-83/84 Plus Information

6502 / Apple 1 Information

  • napple1 - A guide to running napple1 on our smc server.
  • Pom1 - An emulator for your computer and/or android phone.
  • Apple 1 Manual - The original Apple 1 manual. Go here for the real 1970's experience!
  • WOZMON - Some information about the venerable Apple 1 ROM Monitor. Includes a source listing!
  • 6502 Instruction Reference - Awesome early 80's reference sheet.
  • Super Mario Brothers Dissasembled! - This is a fan-disassembled version of the source code to super mario brothers. Presented here under academic fair use for you to see how NES games were once created.

ARM Information

Project Help