CSC2510 - Graphical User Interfaces

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Course Information

Code CSC2510
Name Introduction to Computer Science I
Credit(s) 3
Prerequisites CSC1120
Offered Every Odd Numbered Fall (2015, 2017, etc.)
Catalog Description A course in the design and layout of graphical user interfaces including menus, dialogs, controls such as checkboxes, input boxes, and radio buttons, fonts and colors, and event-driven programming.
Syllabus Fall 2015 Syllabus
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Useful Links

  • Java 7 SE Documentation This includes a series of tutorials, a nifty diagram, and lots of other good stuff to go with our edition of Java.
  • Java 7 SE API Specification This is the API specification for java. It is a reference of all available classes, which was automatically generated from the source code using javadocs. This is the definitive reference for java, and almost all java programmers keep this open while working. It is linked from the above page, but it is kind of non-obvious to find, so I've included it as a separate link here.

Lecture Notes and Examples

  1. Introduction to Java part 1
  2. Introduction to Java part 2 - GUI Basics
  3. Event Handling Demonstration
  4. Tic-Tac-Toe Program
  5. Working with Swing Components
  6. Working with more Swing Components
  7. Radio Buttons and Colors
  8. A Simple Introduction to Graphics
  9. More Fun with Turtles
  10. Penultimate Turtles
  11. Final Turtle Program
  12. Photo Gallery Conspiracy theory
  13. Part 1 of our game engine
  14. Part 2 of our game engine
  15. Part 3 of our game engine
  16. GUI/Midterm_Review
  17. Part 4 of our game engine
  18. Part 5 of our game engine
  19. Part 6 of our game engine and the completion of the "block game" masterpiece!
  20. BlockGame The jarfile of our extremely challenging game.
  21. GUI/Final_Review

Programming Projects

  1. Calculator Project In your first project, you will build a Java implementation of a pocket calculator. Due: October 1, 2015
  2. Graphing a Function In this assignment, you will graph a set of functions and generate a nifty interface for browsing that function. Due: October 29, 2015
  3. The Game The final project! Due: December 3, 2015.

Homework Problems

  • Homework 2 You will use Turtle Graphics to draw a picture! Due October 15, 2015

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