Final Exam Review

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  1. What is recursion?
  2. Be able to write a recursive function.
  3. What are the major steps in the backtracking algorithm?
  4. What sorts of problems can you solve using the backtracking algorithm?
  5. Be able to write a backtracking solution to a given problem.
  6. What are exceptions?
  7. How do you throw exceptions?
  8. Be able to write a try catch block.
  9. How do you handle different types of exceptions?
  10. Know the best practices for exception handling.
  11. Be able to create a custom class for an exception.
  12. What is a debugger?
  13. Know the major commands of GDB (break, run, cont, next, step).
  14. How do you compile a program so that it will be able to be run in a debugger?
  15. What is the call stack?
  16. What is a buffer overrun and why are they dangerous?