Program 5 - The Game

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You've made it! Just one last task. You must write a game. This program can be whatever you like so long as it:

  • Is object oriented.
  • Has some sort of animation.
  • Is fun.
  • It is not one of the games we have written in class. (No pong!)

All of the code we have written in classes or labs is fair game. Feel free to copy it all!

Your game should display some sort of instructions for how to play it. For inspiration, I direct you to the games of the early 1980's. Those arcade style games are rather easy to implement in a terminal.

Of course, you are free to invent something new too. We will be playing your games as a class on the last day of class, and your game will be published on the server for future students to enjoy.

Your game should be deployed in a public repository on github, with some appropriate open source license of your choice. To submit your program, email me the name of your repository.

Have fun!