CSC3210 - Introduction to Systems (Spring 2017)

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Course Information

Code CSC3210
Name Introduction to Systems
Credit(s) 3
Prerequisites Computer Science 221
Offered Every Odd Numbered Spring
Catalog Description An introduction to operating systems concepts, including processes and threads, concurrency, processor scheduling, memory management, security, and performance, as well as an introduction to networking, web technologies, and systems software.
Syllabus Spring 2017 Syllabus
Other Offerings Os/offerings

This page is for the Spring 2017 offering of the course. For other iterations, please see the course's offerings page.

Reading Material

This is the digital reading that goes along with the class. Some of this material will have assigned readings, while the rest is presented for informational purposes. Enjoy!

x86 Assembly Programming


V6 Unix

Just for Fun

Lecture Slides

Lesser Programs

  1. Lesser Program I - Messing with C Due 2/14/2017
  2. Lesser Program II - The Shell Due 2/24/2017
  3. Lesser Program III - Assembly in Linux Due 3/3/2017
  4. Lesser Program IV - Dining Philosophers Due 4/25/2017

Project Goals