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The ACM Chapter

Scots Scaling the Mercer Bear

Welcome to the student chapter of the Association for Computing machinery. Our organization hosts several events and activities including:

  • A once-per-semester retro video game night.
  • A high school programming contest.
  • Student programming teams (Including a super secret private wiki section!)
  • Various talks and lectures

Programming team meetings are held Mondays and Fridays from 3:00-3:30. Other events are announced via flies and on this wiki.

Problem of the Week

Each week, the programming team is required to complete a problem. The solutions for the problems will be available to programming team members, but the problem will always be posted publicly. If you want to see the solutions, you'll have to join the team! (Membership is exclusively available to all who ask. Come out and play, and you'll get to see the code.)

Problem Sources / Contest Information