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Euclid Statue

Welcome to the homepage of the Maryville College Mystery Cult! We are a mathematics reading group which will meet weekly every Monday at 4:00 in SSC201. We are presently reading Euclid's Elements. Each meeting we will work through as many propositions as time allows.

Everyone is welcome to attend. Even if you haven't read any of the book, please stop by to see us work through the propositions. Maybe after you come to a session, you'll want to join in the fun!


This section provides links to the official books of the club. The great thing about studying ancient mathematics texts is that the copyright expired centuries ago! (Well, at least on the originals. Translation copyrights may vary.) Our present book is available for free in PDF format.

Euclid's Elements

Other Books

Here are some other books that have been mentioned in the meetings. Some of these aren't math books per se, but they are part of the classical liberal arts tradition.


Here is a summary of our meetings.