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== Lecture Slides ==
== Lecture Slides ==
* [[media:CSC112-Spring2020-01-Intoduction-to-C++.pdf|01 Introduction to C++]]
* [[media:CSC112-Spring2020-01-Intoduction-to-C++.pdf|01 Introduction to C++]]
* [[media:Spring2020-CSC112-02-C++-Design-and-Thinking-handout.pdf|02 C++ Thinking and Design]]

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Course Information

Code CSC1120
Name Introduction to Computer Science II
Credit(s) 3
Prerequisites Computer Science 111
Offered Every Spring
Catalog Description A continuation of Computer Science 111 with emphasis on advanced programming features. Laboratory work supplements and expands lecture topics and offers supervised practice using programming.
Syllabus Spring 2020 Syllabus
Other Offerings Intro CS II/offerings

This page is for the Spring 2020 offering of the course. For other iterations, please see the course's offerings page.

Lecture Slides