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To complete your peer review, please create a document with the following information and email your review to Dr. Lowe. Do not include any identifying information in your report! (I will know you by your email address.)

Paper Title: Paper Title Here


Outline your summary thoughts as per the "Step by step guide to reviewing a manuscripts" Article

Major Concerns

Write up any major concerns you may have about this paper.

Minor Concerns

Write up any minor concerns you may have.


Here you will indicate whether you believe this paper is ready for publication, or whether you think changes need to be made. Make your recommendations to the author about changes to be made here.


Finally, we will score the papers out of 20 points as follows:

  • Style & Presentations (5 pts)
  • Originality (5 pts)
  • Adequacy (5 pts)
  • Suitability of Topic (5 pts)

Be sure to state your total score. For all of these, 5 is exception, 1 is not so good, 0 is very bad. For the suitability measure, this is whether the paper address a topic of suitable complexity for the course/journal.